Call Centre Survey

While almost everyone can use a telephone, not everyone can successfully work in a call centre. You've made a major investment in telephone equipment and service, computers and software, building space, a marketing strategy, training, managers and supervisors, and payroll. There is a way to identify and hire employees who fit your unique culture.

The Call Centre Survey is a management tool that measures suitability or ''fit'' for your Contact Centre - Inbound or Outbound. Compared to established call centre benchmark, do your potential or current employees have an understanding of sales principles and behavioural traits that indicate they are well suited for work in your contact centre?

Using the Call Centre Survey helps you select employees who perform effectively and efficiently. You'll solve the turnover problem - they'll perform better, more reliably and stay with you longer.

  • Helps you hire employees who "fit the job” - inbound or outbound
  • Reduces employee burnout and turnover
  • Makes training more effective
  • Minimizes turnover during the training phase
  • Reduces the need for constant supervision
  • Decreases complaints
  • Gives you a competitive advantage
  • Increase productivity and profitability

With the Call Centre Survey, you will reduce turnover,
and you will have the tools to solve people problems.

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