The most costly challenges organizations face today can be overcome (or at least minimized) with a better understanding of the people you employ. By capitalizing on an individual's strengths, you can achieve more desirable results. People with tremendous potential are hired and promoted every day and put into jobs that waste their abilities.

Why is this the case when organizations work so hard to get the most from ‘people, their most important asset’? There is often a lack of proven and reliable tools providing in-depth information to allow the organization and the person in the job to do better.

PERSONNEL SYSTEMS brings you state-of-the art management tools to allow your organization to better capitalize on your people:

  • Leadership Development Tools
    More than ever, organizations are dependent upon their managers to manage and motivate employees to higher levels of productivity and excellence. Managers often admit that they do not have the skills they wish they had to deliver on this mandate. Providing managers with the skills and confidence they desire can only enhance your organization’s ability to achieve its objectives and goals.

  • Recruitment & Selection Tools
    Matching people successfully with the work they do is the key. When people feel competent, are interested in their daily duties, and have the opportunity to use their inherent talents, their productivity soars. Negative factors such as stress, tension, and conflict disappear. There is more time to pursue personal and organizational goals. You get everyone back on the success track.

These tools are endorsed by PERSONNEL SYSTEMS because we feel that they are the ‘best on the market’, are completely confidential and are available in English and French. In addition, the on-line approach allows you to administer the products for your own organization and they can be completed anywhere by employees. Best of all they produce results and are time and cost effective.

The tools have been developed and extensively tested by Profiles International and are now used throughout the world.