Training Needs Analysis
PERSONNEL SYSTEMS' Training Needs Analysis methodology takes a holistic approach. We realize that training is not a panacea for organizational ills and to be truly effective must be reinforced through managerial support and other forms of organizational development activity.

  • Training needs analysis is an essential element of an integrative Human Resource Planning process.
  • There is no one best method of training needs analysis. The methodology selected must be attuned to the organizational culture, the sophistication and maturity of existing training processes, the needs and expectations of employees and management, and the degree to which integration with other programs and policies has been achieved in the past.
  • Training can be categorized based upon the objectives of various programs. Generally training is directed to skills improvement or enhancement on the present job, preparation for career advancement or career change, response to introduction of new technology, and employee rejuvenation or motivation such as comes from sabbaticals, conferences, and the like.
  • Training must also be focused on the requisite needs of an organization. The needs are driven by expected organizational results that in turn determine expected individual results and individual skills required to achieve such results. The existing gap between skills presently held and those required determines the training need.
  • TNA should be conducted in a manner that engenders management support and contributes to a fully integrated human resource infrastructure.
Our approach to Training Needs Analysis ensures that each of the above criteria is addressed.

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