Specialized Surveys

Specialized Compensation Surveys:
PERSONNEL SYSTEMS can develop specialized compensation surveys to meet your needs for more in-depth market information or market data more targeted to your direct competitors than would be available in general industry surveys. We can assist you in all stages of the process, including identifying survey objectives, scope, and target markets.

In addition, surveys may be developed to obtain information on incentives, benefits, working conditions, and any other areas of interest to you in developing ‘total compensation’.

Survey data are compiled and analyzed by experienced professionals to ensure you receive sound advice in the interpretation and application of results.

Specialized Human Resource Surveys:
Management often makes assumptions regarding employee opinions. Our HR and employee surveys address employee expectations and perceptions versus those of management.

PERSONNEL SYSTEMS can develop specialized surveys to assess your employees’ perceptions with regard to issues such as communication, training and development, performance management, compensation and benefits, management, fairness and equity, job satisfaction, culture and working environment, perceptions of the company/organization as well as what job rewards motivate them.

In addition to designing the survey tool and compiling the results, experienced consultants provide interpretations of significant results with regard to the potential impact on the organization and provide guidance in terms of possible solutions.

Surveys may be conducted as a one-time event or repeated on an agreed time series to compare results and changes over time.

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